Ways to Give to Salem

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  • Gifts

    As a non-profit organization, Salem must supplement childcare payments from various agencies to meet daily operating expenses. We welcome both outright and planned gifts.


    Our events include an annual Golf Scramble, 5K Challenge, Outspokin' Banquet, Christmas party for our students and various other events. Attend, volunteer, donate prizes, and sponsoring an event are all great ways to give!


    You can get involved with Salem by becoming a resource family, participating in a work day, gardening, or helping with our annual Christmas party to name a few. The gift of your time is invaulable to us.

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    Planned Giving

    There are many ways in which your gift to Salem can also benefit you. Below are a few options for creating a permanent legacy while benefiting you.


    The simplest way to provide support for Salem and tax savings for yourself is to include a bequest to Salem in your will. Bequests lower your tax obligations by lowering the value of your estate, while supporting a mission that you already know is effective, reputable, and eternal.


    Current Gift: You may donate a life insurance policy you no longer use, or purchase one to donate to Salem. If you specify Salem as both owner andbeneficiary, you may then take a tax deduction on the amount you paid for the policy.
    Future Gift: You can designate Salem as the whole or partial beneficiary of anylife insurance policy by requesting forms from the life insurance company.
    You will need Salem's tax ID number, which you can get from the Development Office.


    Giving stock after it has appreciated offers you a double tax savings: you avoid capital gains tax, and you receive a charitable deduction for the appreciated value of the stock. Gifts of appreciated stock are fully deductible up to 30% of your adjusted gross income.
    If your stock has depreciated, you may sell it first and then donate the proceeds in cash to Salem, claiming the loss on your tax return PLUS a deduction on the donation itself.
    YOUR BROKER OR TRUST OFFICER can help you with making a gift to Salem.


    A gift of your appreciated home or property could bring you big savings in capital gains taxes in addition to charitable tax deductions. A life estate would allow you to donate your home to Salem yet continue to live in it for your lifetime.

    IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE REAL ESTATE, please contact the Development Office or the Executive Director (301.689.8176) to discuss taxes, titles, liens, debt or environmental concerns.


    You may want to consider a charitable gift annuity, charitable remainder trust, or charitable lead trust. Any of these may provide you with substantial tax savings while assuring you a guaranteed income. Before making a life income gift, you should consult with your tax advisor to be sure it is consistent with your overall estate plan.